Book of the Month: The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

So, Z and I have grand ideas of having these wonderfully witty and insightful discussions about each Book of the Month selection. Eventually, we’d love to have people submit their picks and then have everyone vote. Until these grand ideas take off, we’re left choosing.

For August, I’ve chosen The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. (Even if you don’t read the book, at least click over to his GoodReads page. I’ve been wistfully sighing over his photo for an embarrassing amount of time.)

Several months ago, an internet friend of mine recommended the book and since then, he’s been hounding me and hounding me. I’m a third of the way through… and stuck. Don’t get me wrong! It’s good! But as you can see by my wall o’ porn to the right there, this book just doesn’t quite have what I can’t seem to get enough of lately. (I’ll give you one guess.)

Maybe if I know there are people actually reading along with me and anticipating a discussion in just a few weeks time, I’ll finally get my shit together and finish it. That would sure make at least one person happy. (Well, two if you include me. I hate not finishing books.)

Read it with me, won’t you? Pretty, pretty please?

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2 Responses to Book of the Month: The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

  1. Zuyen says:

    At first it looked like the type of book you like to read (with lots of action), but I looked it up on B&N and the cover is completely different! Anyway, It sounds interesting and it has received good reviews.

  2. beccers03 says:

    Downloading now :-)how hopefully I don't get stuck either cuz your wall of porn is very enticing!

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