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Safe Zone

The dog likes to play with the cat. The cat does not like the dog at all. Advertisements

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Does this extra weight make me look fat?

Once a woman told me she had been on a diet since she was 18. Considering she was in her 50s at the time, this made me incredibly sad. I hadn’t been on a diet ever. (This was several years ago. I … Continue reading

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The games we play.

She wanders into my room, stands there, looks at me with those “I’m so innocent” brown eyes of hers. I greet her with a “Hi, pup!” as if she’ll talk back. She looks to the right, spots my shoes. She … Continue reading

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Happiness. Now with less slurring.

Last night I met a friend (FRIEND) for a drink. I had three vodka tonics. (Really, it was more like two and a half.) (No, it was three. That, at the bottom of my glass, was mostly melted ice.) Anyway, … Continue reading

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