If my inconsistent posting is any indication, I’m already a failure.

I want to write a novel. A romance novel, naturally. But there’s a part of me that feels like an asshole for even thinking I could do so. I mean, what do I know about romance? And who am I to presume I know what people want to read? And, let’s face it, in my current frame of mind it’d probably have a less-than-happy ending. Someone would get hit by a bus. Everybody would hate the book. I’d be a miserable failure. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t be able to take the criticism. Ah, what the hell. Might as well try. I should probably brush up on my grammar.

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7 Responses to If my inconsistent posting is any indication, I’m already a failure.

  1. MichelleSG says:

    That's how everyone starts honey, that's why we have editors. Those ones we read have gone through a bazillion changes. Parts of the ideas from them have come from others input on how to change it. I have a very good friend who just spent the last 5 years writing a sci fi book. I've been reading it since it's first iteration. It's not the same book anymore. I can see some of the original ideas but they're all being put forth in an entirely different manner. It's a long slow process. It can be set aside and gone back to a multitude of times. You should try it, it'll be an adventure unto itself.

  2. Debbie W says:

    I think you would do fine. You love this stuff…romance novels…you know what makes a good one. You draw on your experiences and you can write the story and the ending just as you like. Give it a go…you may surprise yourself.

  3. rory says:

    GO FOR IT. Do it baby.Is your cover photo gonna be tanned, sweaty, six-pack abs?I think maybe yes.

  4. Theresa G says:

    Go for it

  5. Cherie Beyond says:

    From my experience, it doesn't matter what you know about romance since no romance novel I've read resembles a real life romance in any fashion. In other words, in this case don't write what you know. You write what you wish were true. That's why women read these, right?So there you go.To the Word doc with you!

  6. The Hat Chick says:

    You would be a great writer. Go for it!

  7. Angry Asian says:

    do it. i'm already a fan.

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