1. It’s February. No, I don’t think you heard me clearly. I’ll say it again. It’s FEB. RU. ARY. Peeps, it’s been ONE WHOLE YEAR since my husband and I decided to, I don’t know, maybe possibly get divorced someday. We certainly know how to drag things out.

2. Today I cleaned out my car. If you had been a recent passenger, you’d know why I feel a need to announce this. I am a neat person. My brother has said I’m too neat, but he’s a slob so what does he know? I don’t do well with messes and clutter. They stress me out. Throw me off. I feel like I’m unable to do anything until clean. It could be that my disaster of a car has prevented me from writing, but since I don’t typically write in my car, I don’t think I can use that as an excuse.

3. I have not done my taxes yet. I’m totally dragging me feet. (You could say the same about MY WHOLE LIFE.)

4. Earlier today I downloaded a few songs including Back to December by Taylor Swift, Fuckin’ Perfect by Pink, Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons, and We R Who We R by Ke$ha. (I’d apologize for that last one, but I’m not sorry. A little embarrassed, but not sorry.) I do not have a pleasant singing voice, but I like to sing in the car and make believe I’m a rock star.

5. I think Rihanna is stunningly gorgeous. I detest her red hair. And the Grammys were incredibly boring this year. Except for this performance by Mumford & Sons. And, I admit it, I find Marcus Mumford stop eatin’ hot.

The end.

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6 Responses to Five.

  1. rory says:

    Gotta love an anniversary, a clean car, ducking taxes, new music, and lame Grammys.Life is GOOD baby.

  2. Stephanie Harsh says:

    Rory, sometimes I'm not sure if you make me want to laugh or scream.

  3. MichelleSG says:

    I love Taylor but I can just say it's the 9yr old listening to her.I have yet to do my taxes. They scare me. Which is stupid since we haven't owed in years. This will probably be the year though, you watch. I'll end up having to make payments to the government. Ick.

  4. The Hat Chick says:

    "Stop eatin' hot"….yes he is! I thought that was the best performance that night too. Don't stress over the taxes. Your car is clean and you have new tunes! Fantastic!

  5. Angry Asian says:

    i haven't done my taxes yet either, my ex did them for me for about 10 years and now? i gotta figure it out or pay someone. and agreed, their performance (& the avett bros) is what saved the Grammys.

  6. Kimberly says:

    I seriously need to get on the taxes…crazy! I like my car to be clean also…though its best when I don't have to clean it. Ha!

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