Learning new tricks.

So, I’m officially an adult. I changed my own headlight bulb. (Or are you officially an adult when you change your own tire? Whatever.) I’m keeping the old bulb as a reminder of how awesome I am.

I don’t know what went wrong while I was growing up, but I do not know cars. Like, at all. Like, I didn’t even know I was supposed to get a regular oil change until I was twenty and my car broke down.

Maybe it’s ’cause my dad wasn’t around (I know what you’re thinking. Daddy issues. That explains everything.) or maybe it was just the plain and simple fact that I didn’t even have car until shortly before I moved out so there was no point in teaching me anyway… whatever the case, I don’t know cars.

My mom… my mom doesn’t know cars either. Right after I moved in with her, I mentioned I had a slow leak in one of my rear tires and needed air. I had never done that before (I DON’T KNOW CARS) and my mom said, “It’s easy! I’ll show you! Let’s go!” She showed me how to fill them… later her husband showed me how to release the extra fifteen pounds of pressure.

My mother and I both learned something that day.

When my headlight went out, I didn’t even notice until someone said, “You’re headlight is out.” I had no idea. Later, I asked, “Why isn’t there an indicator in the car when a headlight burns out?” Because most people are much more observant than me, apparently.

I assumed this would be a much more painful experience than it actually was. All it took was a quick trip to the auto parts store, eleven bucks, and my dad saying, “See this here? Turn it. Pull it out. There’s the bulb. Now replace it.” I was in awe.

Of course, I’m in awe of anyone who knows how to fix anything on a car. Which is pretty much all men. ‘Cause I’m fairly certain they were born with a car manual for a brain. God, that would explain so much.

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10 Responses to Learning new tricks.

  1. Angry Asian says:

    so, i laughed when i saw the picture because i thought it was one of two things, not even remotely related to a car: 1. a new high tech inhaler OR 2. a new high tech BINGER, in which case i was going to ALL CAPS ASK YOU WHY YOU WERE SHOWING DRUG Paraphernalia ON YOUR BLOG, then where i could get one too. just kidding.i didn't know about oil changes either, not even when i bought a brand new car! thank goodness i have cousins and uncles who are mechanics and keep me in the know, my goal is to learn how to change a tire. i think i should start with learning how to change my car headlights tho. good on you!

  2. MichelleSG says:

    I was raised by my father (my mother is a psycho bitch from HELL so this dad thing was really good) and he taught me cars from a very young age. We had no money, he had to do all car repair things himself. It was rarely pretty and he is a very smart man. I love car stuff. I could change a tire, the oil, and the transmission in a car before I was 18. I LOVE high torque vehicles. The sound, the feel, the ride, it's all faboo to me. It's not a non-girl thing, it's a knowledge thing. You should find a gear head and hang with (most probably) him for a spell. It's fun stuff, really! Just a bit grubby but you wash up nice I"m sure.

  3. Debbie W says:

    Applause….applause!! I'm quite proud of you. I don't know too much about cars either ~ just enough to check and add oil, add windshield washer fluid and change an air filter. All the other stuff, I take it somewhere for the big stuff and for the little stuff I go to the auto supply place and ask a million questions until they offer to do it for me. 🙂

  4. rory says:

    HEY! HEY!Broad Generalization there!Guys are NOT born with a car manual for a brain.It's tattooed on our arm when we're six.

  5. rory says:

    HEELLLOOOOOOOOOO!Where you be?

  6. rory says:

    Stephanie?Did you fall asleep? Wakey, wakey.C'mon now.

  7. stephanie harsh says:

    Why are you yelling at me? You don't like most of what I write anyway!

  8. rory says:

    Oh please.I'm not yelling and I LOVE what you write.C'mon now, give me a hug.

  9. stephanie harsh says:


  10. rory says:

    See how much you love me?

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