Christmas day confession.

I. Want. These.

But here’s my big confession:

Not only do I already own each book (I mean, duh), but I own all four hard covers, all four paperbacks, all four e-books, and the special movie editions of Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse.

Stephenie Meyer? You’re welcome.

Yes, I HAVE A PROBLEM. (We already knew that.)

Now I want these. These pretty, shiny new Twilight books. I have barely been able to restrain myself from ordering them this morning. It’d be so easy to irrationally justify a Christmas present for myself. Sigh.

I must be stopped.

Anyway… Merry Christmas, peeps.

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14 Responses to Christmas day confession.

  1. :):) You big weirdo.Kidding!Merry Christmas, Stephanie.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I don't think you are kidding. And you know what? I'm perfectly okay with that! 😉

  3. MichelleSG says:

    I don't see why you shouldn't get them. You live in So Cal, at any given moment you have an insanely high risk of getting killed in a car accident. Now wouldn't you die happier knowing tat you owned these in you life?You see my logic here right? And they call you the weirdo…pfft please.

  4. Stephanie says:

    LOLHm. You've given me a lot to think about here.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Have fun! I watched Eclipse three times while I was in Utah with my sister. I DIDN'T MEAN TO. It just kinda happened. Not that I'm complaining or anything… but the less reason I give people to think I'm a freak, the better. Right?

  6. Debbie W says:

    Merry Christmas Stephanie ~ I got “Eclipse” the movie for Christmas! Now I have all three….massive days off…I smell a marathon. 🙂

  7. rory says:

    Ya but. Do you have all the movie posters and full size cut-outs?A girl can dream.

  8. amhealy says:

    You have to go buy that new collection. You HAVE to. You know why? Because you already own all the other collections. So you are now incomplete if you DON'T GO OUT RIGHT NOW AND BUY THIS NEW COLLECTION!!!You won't be able to sleep at night, you will probably start eating tons of chocolate, and you won't be able to pay attention at work all because YOU DON'T OWN THIS NEW COLLECTION. Take a loan out and go buy it. I insist. Otherwise, you will be miserable, and we wouldn't want you to be miserable.

  9. Stephanie says:

    I hate you.

  10. Stephanie says:

    It's hard enough making space for ALL THE BOOKS. Where would I keep a life size cut-out???

  11. Hat Chick says:

    I don't own anything Twilight, but my sister has almost convinced me it's worth reading. (I only saw the first movie, and not even from the beginning.) She's a Jacob….whatever that means.

  12. rory says:

    Cuddled up and lipstick plastered in bed with you?

  13. Eh, why not? It's been a tough year. Treat yourself.

  14. Theresa G says:

    Happy new year!

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