I probably could have summed myself up in one word: neurotic.

If I hadn’t given in to the sudden urge to get my hair cut yesterday, I would have had this done on time. But you’re at the mercy of my impulsive nature. (And the baking, STST? Never on my to-do list. Nicely done.)

Twenty of you got it right. And, no, I’m not offended. I’m not an affectionate person. I know this about myself. Although, I love you all so much (and am feeling unusually sentimental today) that I’m this close to suggesting we all hold hands and dance naked around a campfire. Fun, right?

Although, I’d probably feel much more comfortable if we were fully clothed. Then again, I’d probably feel much more comfortable if we could just sit and roast marshmallows. I’m not much of a dancer. In fact, I generally just seizure around the dance floor hoping my powers of invisibility will kick in any second now

I’m a hugger with those I feel most comfortable. You know, my husband, my parents, my siblings… Most of them anyway. Anyone else and I start to twitch if they get too close. I’m not a total freak. I’ll shake hands… although I’m slightly paranoid about germs. (But only when shaking hands.) (And, no, I can’t explain why.) And I’ll high-five to your heart’s content. But holding hands? Hugging? Even standing too close… I don’t think so. Please don’t take it personally.

Okay, you’re right. I may be a total freak after all. I used to be affectionate. Somewhere along the line it went down hill which causes me not just a little concern over what I might be like in the next ten… twenty… thirty years. Eh, I’ll just worry about that then.

So, the winner. (There’s a reason we’re here, remember?) Twenty people got it right. I used Random.org to choose the winner…

The sixth person to answer correctly was…

Paul, you wonderful lurker you, please e-mail me at chocolateandwhine@gmail.com.

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5 Responses to I probably could have summed myself up in one word: neurotic.

  1. Debbie says:

    Congrats Paul….but I'm going to have to pass on the dancing naked around the campfire. I'm too old, and well….no one wants to see an old lady dance naked ~ campfire or not. 🙂

  2. Violet says:

    Well, dammit.I'll dance naked around the campfire – I don't care if anyone else wants to see it or not, it sounds like fun to me!

  3. rory says:

    Damn.It's just like when I play the state lottery- I'm always just a couple of digits away from winning.Congrats, Paul!

  4. Gayle says:

    Count me out of the naked dancing. Just the thought of it makes me cringe. Congratulations to Paul!

  5. Alias Mother says:

    Oh, sure. Reward the lurkers. That seems fair.

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