Just a sample of the fun that’s had…

…when one cat goes to the vet for the day…

…and the other stays home alone.


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8 Responses to Just a sample of the fun that’s had…

  1. rory says:

    The ever moveable feast that is Chocolate and Whine.The new site looks great.Congrats.

  2. Aw, thanks! But seriously? I am so not planning on ever moving again. (I know, I know… we've heard that before, right?)

  3. Love your pictures, hope to one day be able to take photos like you.

  4. Gayle says:

    Oh, these pets always have to keep us on our toes!

  5. We don't have cats and never have. We are cat sitting for the 4 cats next door. The neighbors need to come home from vacation soon.

  6. I think he/she was bored. It happens to the best of us. But cats are way cuter than people.

  7. And please let in on the verdict with your cat. Did they subsribe Prozac or suggest purchasing a really fancy kitty cat condo complete with toys and catnip?

  8. LOL! Good thing the critters are cute =)And at least the one cat waited until he/she was bored or lonely or worried or whatever. I have a cat that chews crap up for no reason whatsoever. Sometimes we'll catch her with something and she knows she'll get in trouble, but it's like she can't help herself, she's got to give it a good rip before she runs off scared out of her mind.

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