You’re welcome.

Lost Videos


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7 Responses to You’re welcome.

  1. rory says:

    I just added Twilight to our Netflix que. That looks cool.

  2. Spruce Hill says:

    It is a great trailer! I have watched it more times then I will admit too!

  3. MichelleSG says:

    I have yet to finish book 3 so I'm not watching the trailer!!

  4. Marchelle says:

    Effin-A. I knew what it would be as soon as I saw your post title on my reader.I would admit how many times I have watched it, had I kept track.Oh, and HELLO JACOB'S MUSCLES! It's nice to meet you!

  5. Violet says:

    Well, huh…this is the first thing that has made me really want to read the books. So thank you! 😉

  6. Gayle says:

    Wow! You are driving me closer and closer to reading the books!

  7. TheresaG says:

    I am SO looking forward to seeing it, though the chances of me seeing it in the theater are pretty slim (I'll be 8 1/2 months preggers when it comes out). Then again, maybe I'll find a way- I mean, did you see that hawt Jacob Black explode into a wolf? Sweet!

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