The more I try to understand men, the more I realize I’m better off trying to put my head through a wall.

That’s Ben. Yesterday, he turned another year older. How old that makes him, I’m not sure. I just know it was his birthday and, to celebrate, he and his four best friends (The Husband included) took the train to San Diego to watch a Padres game and drink. A lot.

I’m friends with these fools. Sigh.

The Husband came home, fairly intoxicated, with bruises all over his right arm and shoulder. I’m still not sure why. Whenever I’d ask, he’d just stand there and grunt and say I took it like a man! Then he’d flex, grinning like a fool, his eyes bloodshot and droopy. I made him a grilled cheese sandwich and put him to bed.

I’m not sure about you, but I don’t know many women who stand around punching each other to have a good time. Which leads me to believe that men are just plain psychotic. (And they call us complicated. Insert eye-roll here.)

On the train, on their way home, The Husband sent me pictures of the sunset taken with his cell phone. I find this sweet. He knows how I feel about photography; how much I love it, how frustrated I get when I miss an opportunity, how discouraged I’ve recently become (but that’s a another post for another time). He didn’t want me to miss it, even though I wasn’t there to take pictures myself.

I think…

I think there’s a sunset in there somewhere.

He said it was gorgeous.

I’ll take his word for it.

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10 Responses to The more I try to understand men, the more I realize I’m better off trying to put my head through a wall.

  1. MichelleSG says:

    'A' for effort! But really ya can't do much from a train with a cell phone camera.

  2. TheresaG says:

    I think the symbolism of the photos is very special and cute. He was out with the guys and thinking of you. And wanted to share something beautiful with you. That's very sweet.I'll never understand certain types of male behavior.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Stephanie. I'm new to your blog but find you incredibly funny. I first came across your blog because a googled cake balls (yes I know you rather call them bites but I say balls to make myself giggle). I work as a receptionist and have absolutely nothing else to do all day. I found myself reading your older posts (i swear i'm not a stalker) and getting really hungry, maybe shedding a tear or two(but don't tell anyone) and being AMAZED by your photography. But I couldn't resist commenting on this one. I know you guys have had problems and I know that you are still feeling all of these feelings but this was a really nice thing he did. He was hanging out with is friends, being manly and wrestling, and thought of you. You were on his mind when he saw this beautiful sunset throught this incredibly dirty window. It made me smile just to read that he did such a sweet thing for you. You deserve it 🙂 Oh ya and one more thing I was laughing hysterically at the “my big fat greek wedding bUUUnt thing”. I was sitting at my desk in the middle of an empty lobby saying it like the mother.-L

  4. Violet says:

    First of all, to Anonymous – it's ok, we're all stalking Stephanie, we just keep it on the down low. I haven't decided if I'm stalking because of her baked porn or because she's just so damn cool.Second, I forgot to comment on the bundt cake – I was saying “booont” in my head even before I read the mention of MBFGW. And I'm still hearing it.Third, boys are stupid. Incredibly cute, often volcanically sexy, sometimes surprisingly sweet…but ultimately stupid. (Um, boys? Pain is never fun. We have cramps and bear children, so we know this.) And yet I love ever last one of 'em, dammit.

  5. rory says:

    Hey, we are dumb. You say it like it's a bad thing.

  6. your mother says:

    I like guys better than I like girls because guys are so direct. Girls…um…you have to figure out what they mean. I can understand the dilemma for men. Can't live with us, can't kill us. Well, at least for a change the Husband gets a mark for good behavior and not for bad behavior. 🙂

  7. Stephanie says:

    Michelle, I know this, but I think he might've thought differently through his alcoholic haze. Theresa, it was very, very sweet of him. He sent me text messages and pictures all day and made it abundantly clear he was thinking of me. I like that. L, thank you for your wonderful, lovely comment. I type “bites” but I'm thinking “balls.” It makes me giggle, too. (Please don't tell anyone.) Hey, there's nothing wrong with being a stalker. I stalk many people. I love them. Can't help it. And they're not getting rid of me. 😉 Violet, I think you're just so damn cool. And you totally hit the nail on the head with “boys are stupid.” (No offense, boys.)rory, you're all dumb. But we love you. 😉

  8. Duluk says:

    That was a funny and well-written article, glad I stumbled upon it. Certainly looked like a drunken sunset. :)But, I must say, I'm a guy. My friends and I don't stand around and punch each other until we're black and blue. [doesn't mean we're not stupid though :)]

  9. Gayle says:

    The thought was definitely there. That was sweet of your guy!Oh, and I sure got a surprise when your mom commented on my blog, as your mom! She linked to Monday Memories and I didn't know that was your mom until now!

  10. Stephanie says:

    Duluk, are you trying to say it's just my husband and his friends who are psychotic. Okay. You may have a point. Gayle, I saw that! Although, I have to admit, it's kinda strange to stumble across a comment from my mother while I'm reading one of my regular blogs. 😉

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