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Kinda like where everybody knows your name… unless you never go. (Which I don’t.)

The Husband and his friend, Jon, were in a shuffleboard tournament yesterday. And I’m a supportive wife so, despite the fact that it was held in a bar I loathe detest hate oh, forget it I was there to, well, … Continue reading

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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve made chocolate chip cookies before. Hundreds of times, in fact. Once here on this blog. And I absolutely love love love that recipe. So, here’s the story. A couple of weeks ago, I wanted to make something rich and … Continue reading

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A letter.

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I’m doing this for her… and I need your help.

So, you know my sister, J? She’s in Oregon this weekend for a soccer tournament. She’s a soccer player. Have I mentioned that before? The team flew up yesterday… and they don’t get home ’til Monday. (Sob.) I got a … Continue reading

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I tried to turn each of these things into it’s own post, but.

I asked The Husband for something to write about, as I’m currently drawing blanks, and he suggested writing about how cranky I am when I wake up each morning. But by “cranky,” he really means sweet with a sunny disposition, … Continue reading

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Earthquakes and munchkins and doodie, oh my.

I was home alone Sunday night when the earthquake hit. I was bundled up on the sofa, computer on my lap, in the middle of You’ve Got Mail for what had to be the thirty-eighth time, when there was a … Continue reading

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The possibilities were endless.

But then naps took up most of my free time. (I love our kids.) It’s amazing how one 4-day weekend can mean traveling, seeing the world, experiencing new things… and another can mean naptime. I’ve spent the last three days … Continue reading

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