Nine totally random and insignificant things I can tell you about this photo.

1. I’m a freak. I change socks three to four times a day. I can’t stand it when my feet feel dirty and there’s nothing better than fresh, clean socks. This is why I never wear flip-flops or sandals. I just can’t handle it.

2. These pants are too big for me everywhere except my butt. It’s a problem.

3. This is a glass turtle candy dish which remains empty because I find it impossible to leave candy in our apartment, untouched. Unless it’s hard candy. But even then it’s debatable that it’ll stay around for very long. I have approximately nineteen turtles throughout our apartment and nearly all of them were given to me by my mother-in-law who is, apparently, trying to make up for the live turtles I gave up years ago.

4. We purchased these sofas shortly after we moved in four years ago. We have used them maybe six times. We don’t entertain often and, when we do, everyone gathers around the television in the den. I picked this set because of the chaise. I imagined myself curling up in it and reading for hours. Yeah. Didn’t happen.

5. I finally started reading a book that has nothing to do with Edward Cullen or Twilight. (I know.) The book is Birthright by Nora Roberts. The first three words in the book are “Douglas Edward Cullen” which is the name of one of the main characters. Weird, right?

6. I bought this little television to put in our dining room which is where I used to do most of my scrapbooking. I haven’t scrapbooked in months years and now the TV sits on the corner of my desk because I like the background noise. Except you have to turn it on if you want background noise and I rarely do.

7. I hate my hands. I have fat, oddly shaped fingers and I pick at my cuticles relentlessly until they bleed. I bite my nails which means they’re always jagged and uneven and I’m so embarrassed of them that I won’t even get a manicure. Sigh.

8. I have had nine book shelves on this wall until one became unstable and I had to take it down to repair the wall. Apparently these shelves weren’t mean to carry loads of heavy books. I took the shelf down five months ago. I still haven’t repaired anything except to spackle the original holes. And all those books up there? All romance novels. ‘Cause I’m a major sucker.

9. I painted this wall when we moved in. It runs along the entire length of our apartment, ending in our dining room. Every time I paint something I remember being seventeen and finally talking my parents into letting me paint my bedroom. I had the biggest room in the house (aside from the master, of course) and I spent an entire week painting my walls light pink. It was the prettiest color. It was so light that, in direct sunlight, you could barely see the tint of color, but at night deepened into this lovely light rose. After years of living with mismatched hand-me-down furniture (it sucks being the middle child), I finally had the bedroom of my dreams. Six months later, the landlord sold the house and we moved.

I’ve shared nine random things about me. You have to share at least one. Go.

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12 Responses to Nine totally random and insignificant things I can tell you about this photo.

  1. TheresaG says:

    I know how to make balloon animals.

  2. Gayle says:

    Hmmm. I used to wear nail polish, high heels, perfume and dresses. Now? No polish (well, maybe on my toenails), sneakers, no perfume, jeans. I'm much happier now.

  3. MichelleSG says:

    I had a friend that does the same thing to her finger nails and cuticles if she doesn't have acrylic nails on. As long as she has the nails on she doesn't touch them at all.Random fact about me? I'll stick with the nail theme. It doesn't matter how slovenly I'm dressed, as long as I have my nails done I feel pretty. I don't know why I went so many years not doing my nails, life is too short to not have a manicure regularly.

  4. Violet says:

    My BFF never wears sandals or flip-flops, either, for exactly the same reasons. Me, I can't go barefoot enough – I'd prefer to be barefoot all the time.Turtles were a “thing” with The Ex and me. I just found a tiny, stuffed turtle keyring about 15 minutes ago when I was going through some stuff.Now for the totally random thing: In high school, I took private voice lessons from Pavarotti's accompanist's student.

  5. Christine says:

    I kind of have the feet thing, too. If they feel too yucky, I'll wash them before I get in bed.Random? I think I'm the only one who hasn't read the Twilight series. I never got into the Harry Potter craze, either.**Best Nora Roberts so far: River's End. If you haven't read that one, it should be next 😉

  6. Anne Marie says:

    As much as I come off aggressively with people,I am actually afraid of confrontation. I think the aggression is fear turned inside out.

  7. If my feet are not perfectly manicured at all times I feel unkempt. I don't wear makeup or have super manicured hands, just my feet. It's a thing.Random? I get nervous if I feel like we are collecting too many things around the house. Always been like that, even while living alone.I sound neurotic…

  8. aliasmother says:

    I despise wearing shorts. I think they are uncomfortable and unflattering. Unless I am hiking or participating in some other active pursuit, I wear skirts or light pants all summer. Wide leg linen pants are my favorite, but I have yet to find the perfect pair.In an odd coincidence, my husband hates wearing pants. As soon as he can possibly stand it in the spring, he puts on shorts.

  9. I’m the master of making apple pieI don't like Oreo cookies. They all taste like burned cookies to me, such a nasty flavor. Bleh.I have the sticky fingers syndrome. I freak out when something sticky (honey, jam, syrup, wet dough, hair gel) gets in contact with my hands(or any other body part). I just have to rub/wash it off within 30 second or I’ll die.

  10. I sweep my kitchen floor 3 or 4 times a day….Since I'm always barefooted, I can't stand the feel of grit or sticky under my feet.

  11. Stephanie says:

    TheresaG, that's awesome! I'm too afraid of balloons to try, but I love them!Gayle, I've never been the dress-up type, having always preferred more casual and comfortable clothes, so I'm not surprised. I love my jeans and sneakers. MichelleSG, I used to have acrylic nails for that exact same reason. It was the only time my fingers actually looked nice and healthy. Unfortunately, the time and money it took to maintain them just wasn't worth it. Sigh. Maybe it was. Violet, now I totally want to hear you sing!Christine, I never got into the Harry Potter thing, either. The only reason I finally picked up Twilight was because I needed the distraction. BEST THING I EVER DID. As for River's End- I read this book a few years ago. Loved it! Nora Roberts is so consistently good. I don't think I've ever read a book of hers I didn't like. 3continentfamily, you do NOT sound neurotic… or maybe that's just 'cause I get the same way. I constantly feel the need to clean out closets and get rid of clutter. Right now, I have several small piles of books around our apartment. It's making me insane!Alias Mother, I hate shorts, too, but only 'cause I hate my knees. Or my legs, period. I love a good comfortable pair of jeans or skirts that come down to just below the knees.Dutch Donut Girl, wait. Let me get this straight. You DON'T like Oreos?! I'm sorry, but you're just not normal. I'm afraid the only way I can let you continue reading this blog is if you make me an apple pie immediately. 😉Hat Chick, you're too funny. This is probably the same reason I wear socks constantly. I hate that feeling under my feat. Ugh.

  12. Spruce Hill says:

    I love Nora Roberts! That is totally wierd about the name in the book! LOL I am reading that book next!

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