Happy Whatever.

Today is Earth Day. It’s also Administrative Professionals Day. It’s also Ignore Your Co-Workers For Being Idiots And Wishing You A Happy Administrative Professionals Day Day.

I hate this stupid lets-find-one-more-reason-to-eat holiday. I dread it every year. I’m doing my job. My paycheck is recognition enough, thank you very much. I do not need or want or like the extra attention that comes from celebrating this ridiculous day.

I work in a very large hotel. I’m just one of… um… thirty? administrative assistants. I mean professionals, of course. And each year, they turn this one completely meaningless day into a whole week of fun and games torture.

One day it’s a trivia game, the next it’s a group breakfast. Okay, I’m not a total scrooge. The assorted candy and snacks left on my desk were nice… but, please, for the love of all that’s sweet and chocolatey, let me get back to blogging work already!

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12 Responses to Happy Whatever.

  1. Marchelle says:

    Hey, I got a dozen yellow roses and lunch at Olive Garden. I ain't hatin.

  2. I hear ya. Back when I had a j.o.b. I hated that day when I had an assistant, and hated it even more when I was the assistant.

  3. A whole week? All the attention and togetherness would make me start to freak out too. Trivia game??? I feel for you.

  4. Gayle says:

    That does sound like torture. A week? Trivia game? Group Breakfast? Ick. When I worked in an office, I couldn't stand what was then called Secretaries Day. We had to go out to lunch with the bosses. Like I said, ick. But at least they kept it to one day.

  5. Gayle says:

    Oh, I forgot, your site looks great! I love the re-design!

  6. KLo says:

    I never thought of it quite that way … now I'm going to chat with my secretary (er … administrative professional) and see what she would want the most as a celebration. I work in a school, so I suspect the kids and the staff could come up with something amazing … then let us all get back to work : ) Thanks for the comment on my blog, by the way–it meant a lot : )

  7. rory says:

    I agree. I hate these made-up holidays with their forced jocularity and implied togetherness. But I LOVE Earth Day. I ran my 1983 Suburban all day to celebrate.

  8. Violet says:

    Well, it's the only day of the year when I get flowers anymore so I dig it. My 17,000 bosses celebrated by making sure that I have enough work to keep me busy until, oh, say…Earth Day 2017. And then I spent the evening kowtowing to state legislators, to whom admin professionals are invisible – what fun!

  9. Stephanie says:

    Marchelle, Olive Garden? So not fair. I swore off eating today and got a bucket of candy. Awesome.Yes, Dutch Donut Girl, a whole week. It's ridiculous. We don't do that much work. Gayle, I like my bosses (all eight million of them), but I'd call in sick if I had to go to lunch with 'em. Yikes.KLo, thanks for stopping by! I really enjoyed your writing today. Anyway, I'd be stoked if they asked what my preferences were. They tried to make a huge scene about it today and it pissed me off. I hate drawing attention to myself and if we're celebrating ME, then I should get to choose. (Is that as spoiled as it sounds?)Rory, you're awesome. I celebrated Admin day by blogging. God, I'm so going to get fired for this. I only hope I'm making as much as Dooce by then. (Yeah… right.)Violet, I'll take the flowers and candy (naturally). It's all the unnecessary chit-chat and socializing that kills me. Recognize the day… and get back to work. Is that so hard?

  10. That is so funny and so true. I hated the insincerity of the 'appreciation' when I was an assistant once; hmmm….I would have been happy if my boss had remembered my name 😉

  11. aliasmother says:

    This kind of stuff makes me crazy, too. Put a basket of muffins in the office kitchen, a thank you note in the mailbox, and then don't be a dick the rest of the year. Ta-da! That's how you properly celebrate your assistants.

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