Having never been a fan of hot summer months, it’s come as quite a surprise to realize that, sometime over the last year or two, that started to change. Maybe it’s our bedroom, a room that never gets any sunlight and is therefore freezing cold all year round (my closet especially) or maybe it’s my desk at work which sits right underneath the air conditioning… but suddenly I am very much looking forward to summer.

When The Husband and I went to lunch a couple weekends ago, it was with the sole purpose of sitting on the patio to enjoy the eighty-plus degree weather. I was wearing a t-shirt, pants, and a sweatshirt. And I gladly traded seats with him so I could sit directly in the sun and he the shade. It was lovely.

It’s possible that come July and August my feelings will change, but I have never been more excited for summer, with all it’s sun and warmth, than I am right now.

SoBe energy drinks

I like the sugar-free variety. They taste good, both cold and at room temperature. I know this because I usually start sipping one around ten a.m. and it’s still delicious when I leave at four. And, aside from my love affair with Mr. Tall Nonfat Latte from Starbucks, these actually give me that boost I’m looking for and hey, I’m productive again! (These are not, however, productive for my wallet.)

My car

And not just because it’s a means of getting from point A to point B, but because I really freaking love my car. I drive a Corolla and, despite it’s size, I’d happily live in it if I had to. My very first car was a truck that completely sucked me dry of money and patience. When we finally parted ways, I swore I’d never buy another truck again.

The other day I asked The Husband how many miles he thought this car would last. According to him, it will serve me well until I’m 43. At which point, I’ll buy another Corolla. (Please, no lectures on buying American. I get it, but you just can’t sway me on this point.)

Frozen yogurt

Because it’s freaking amazing. I especially love these self-serve chains that have popped up recently. J and I frequent the Yogurtland near my dad’s quite often. Possibly too often. Favorite flavors? Cheesecake, Heath Bar, Cookies n’ Cream… in that order. With cookie dough bites on top. Amen.

The dollar movie theater

I love going to the movies. Going to the movies means two hours spent NOT THINKING and lately that’s a kind of relief that isn’t easy to come by. I found this slightly run-down dollar theater near my dad’s house a few weeks ago and what I especially love about it is that it plays family-friendly movies so there’s no wading through the horror flicks and other junk I don’t care for. I saw Twilight here and, a couple weeks ago, Marley and Me. And even more awesome? There’s a kick-ass candy store just ten feet away. (Yes, I said “kick-ass.”) (Is “kick-ass” a hyphenate?) So, now I pay $2 for a movie and $10 for a quarter pound bag of candy. Obviously my priorities are in the right place.

Okay, now it’s your turn. What are you currently loving?

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13 Responses to Loving.

  1. amhealy says:

    I enjoy all the things you love, amazingly, but especially the warmth of summer. I get cold, too.I love a Friday night when there is nothing “due” tomorrow, so I can do whatever I want without looking at the calendar (because nothing can be filed tomorrow) or worrying about meeting clients (because I try not to meet clients on the weekends).I LOVE this particular Friday night, because I had a very busy week, and I can do whatever I want. No clients tomorrow, no court, no deadlines. Please don't remind me about Monday. *shiver*

  2. MichelleSG says:

    Oh my fav theater in San Diego had a candy store right next door. I am so with you on the priorities, I'd by bags of candy and sneak them in. I had a choice between a Corolla and the Jeep when picking out my last car. I just could not get comfy in that drivers seat of the Corolla or I'd have gotten it. Well except it is a 4 banger and damn it all if I don't love my sixes. Something about power behind the wheel. I think I'm the opposite with you can cars since I am totally a truck girl. Every time I get in the hubby's accord I drive over something I shouldn't be driving over in a car. You know, like and island. I forget I'm not in a truck! Old dog, new tricks, not so good at that.Summer, I'm now a Texan, if I didn't like summer my life would not be happy at all….

  3. Nice list!Right now I am loving quiet, whenever I can get it. Which isn't often.

  4. Gayle says:

    I'm loving that my daughter is completely better now and had a couple of friends over for a sleepover last night! If you can call it a sleep over, since I don't think they hardly slept!

  5. TheresaG says:

    ooo! I love the first few weeks of warm weather. I know from experience that I come around to looking forward to cool weather sometime around the middle of summer.I love my Kindle- I can read anywhere, pretty much anything I want.I love that neither of us needs the TV to be on all the time – the silence is so relaxing.I love my kitchen.I love my Cannon G9.The list goes on…Thanks for this post!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Mom, I totally hear you on the whole Frkday thing. I love not having to work today. I freaking love weekends.MichelleSG, there is something to be said about power behind the wheel. I drove a Dodge Ram V8 for mamy years and despite the exorbitant monthly payments, piss-poor gas mileage and it's breaking down all the time, well… It was a lot of fun. 3continentfamily, peace and quiet is lovely.Gayle, I'm so glad your daughter is feeling better! Sleepover's are awesome! TheresaG, great list! So, you're a Kindle fan, huh? I've been looking at it, but I'm still not sure. Even though I'm running out of room, I'm kind of a freak about having and keeping my books.

  7. Girl, your problem with having your truck was, well it was a Dodge.I love my big diesel Chevy truck. LOL!Right now I am loving that winter is over, at least for today. I'm loving all the birds that have migrated back to my parts. I'm loving ham, cream cheese bagel sandwiches. I love the battery grip I just got for my Nikon. I will be loving my new dryer, as soon as my husband hooks it up.

  8. aliasmother says:

    I have a Corolla, too. It's 13 years old and has developed new, scary rattle, but I love it. I don't think I've put more than $1500 total (including oil changes) into the thing in the 10 years I've owned it. Sadly, I do need to trade up somewhat soon, as it does not accommodate the 6'5″ husband and a growing child all that well.I love getting so lost in a book that I forget to go to sleep.I love snuggling deep into piles of covers on chilly nights.Conversely, I love the feel of sleeping under just a sheet in the summer, with a breeze coming in the window.Actually, I guess I just love sleep.

  9. I love…The sun: I just want to soak up the sun, because I was starting to think I would never get over the wintertime blues. I was looking and living like a hobo. But summertime brought me back to life. There is something about the “feel” and “smell” of spring. Spring is about flowers blooming, outdoor lunches, walks in the park, summer activities and if you live the city, life becomes this bubbling vibrant energy. The sun just makes me feel good. My e-booksI have more eBooks than brain cells. Do I have time to read them all? No! But I like having a book, or many books, with me no matter where I am.The gymI don’t know how it happened but I enjoy going to the gym *gasp* I mean… I’m not super pumped to hit the gym, but once I’m working out, I enjoy myself. I especially like the feeling of accomplishment afterward. And I love to ogle all the fine man-specimens. Oh yeah, losing weight is good too.Ice creamI love ice cream. Not the store-bought stuff, but homemade ice cream sold in ice cream cones. I found this little Italian ice cream shop that has the largest selection of mouth watering ice cream. My favorite flavor combination (each flavor by itself): chocolate, egg nog, caramel & mocha. Mmmmm! To die for.

  10. Jen says:

    I love: that there's a new Big Bang on tonight. Knowing that sooner or later it WILL get warm here. Pajamas. Hearing the wind while not feeling it.

  11. I am loving grapefruit. This is WAY out of character for me and I can remember my great-grandfather shoving endless bags of grapefruits in our backseat when we were kids. I never cared for them, so I never ate them. But we have recently been reacquainted and I hope we never part ways again.I'm glad that you're looking forward to summer. So am I =)

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am currently loving flowers. There is just something about brightly colored, fresh smelling, perfect flowers. They make me smile when all I want to do is scream. It's a great thing – so yea – I love flowers. When I walk by brightly colored flowers I just have to stop and smell them. It's amazing because they're all around and yet, lately, I've noticed them more. Oh and i'm loving my dog because she is just so cute (don't know if that applies but thought I'd share).

  13. cog says:

    opiatesand Dr. Pepper

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