Cake Balls. Cake Pops. Cake Nuggets. Whatever.

I think Valentine’s Day is a joke. With that being said, there is no better reason than Valentine’s Day to decorate everything in pink. This may just be the one time of the year I can get away with decorating these cake balls just so. If I did this in, say, July, well people might look at me funny and I really hate drawing any kind of attention my way.

Cake Pops 1

This was my first attempt at cake balls (just to warn you, you’re going to see the word “balls” in here a lot) and, boy, did I ever destroy my teeny tiny kitchen in the process. But, holy hell, it was so worth it. I mean, it’s cake, people. COVERED IN CHOCOLATE. How can you possibly go wrong?

Cake Pops 2

I used these to decorate and I realize I went a little overboard taking pictures of sprinkles, but something comes over me when I’m around chocolate and cake and I really can’t explain my actions. And I love pink. And I’m sorry.

There are plenty of people who can explain cake balls better than me (like her and her), but, in case you get the urge to make these yourself and you’ve never done so before, please let me give you a tip or two.

Don’t be an idiot overambitious. Like me. I made two cakes, one vanilla and one chocolate, and ended up with over a hundred freaking cake balls. I didn’t even decorate them all. It was too much! About thirty are still sitting in my freezer. It was just… too much.

Use a food processor. Trust me on this one. I used a fork to crumble one cake and the food processor for the second. I wish I could go back in time and use the processor for both. It was magical.

Don’t get ahead of yourself. I am a total retard and will jump ahead several steps just to go back and finish something I had started an hour ago. Not only did it cause me frustration, but it made the whole event take a lot longer than it should have and my kitchen was turned into a national disaster area in the process.

If (when) I make these again, I will follow these very simple and uniform guidelines:

1. Make (one) cake and let it cool.
2. Crumble cake, mix with frosting, and form balls.
3. Chill.
4. If you’re using lollipop sticks (and you should, it makes things so much easier) insert one into each cake ball before you start dipping.
5. Dip all the balls. (Do not start decorating until every last ball has been dipped in chocolate.)
6. Set aside until firm. (I used foam blocks to hold my “lollipops” upright while they hardened.)Use this time to clean up. (This would have been very helpful had I thought about then.)
7. Now decorate.

I’d recommend a double boiler for dipping your cake balls, but microwaveable bowls for decorating (that is, if you want to use more chocolate to decorate, which I suppose you don’t have to, but it’s awesome). (Or I suppose you could go buy some of those little tubes of frosting instead of going through any other trouble like melting more chocolate and piping it on, but I don’t know anything about making things easier, just more difficult. Just ask my husband.)

These were really fun and delicious (again, chocolate covered cake, people!) and super cute. I sent the best looking ones off to work with The Husband, ’cause, you know, cool wife and all that.

Gosh, they’re so stinkin’ cute. Even if I do say so myself.

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19 Responses to Cake Balls. Cake Pops. Cake Nuggets. Whatever.

  1. Teeter says:

    Oh. My. God. Those look so good.

  2. Stephanie says:

    They are. Trust me. I ate, like, ten of 'em.

  3. rory says:

    100 cake balls. That's simply amazing.And that last picture makes me want to make Miss Carol make me some.Thanks!

  4. okiesister says:

    those are some of the best looking balls i've ever seen

  5. Gayle says:

    Teeter took the words right out of my mouth. Oh. My. God. Girl, you are a cake ball decorating genius! Those are so beautiful, how could you eat them?!

  6. You are so talented! I want big chocolate covered balls in my mouth now. Did I just type that? I did… tee hee “chocolate balls in my mouth”!

  7. Violet says:

    They are FABulous! And yours are so very pretty! I don't have the patience to decorate them individually like that.

  8. Girl you have saved me! My kids have V-day parties on Friday and these will just impress their teachers to no end. Hmm, how about straight A's this marking period please? Thank you! They look like fun!Course now I keep hearing ACDC singing that “balls” song………..

  9. Alias Mother says:

    I think I see what I'll be bringing to a dinner party on Saturday night… Do you think it will be enough to make up for the fact that I'm dragging my tyrannical toddler along with us?

  10. I first thought they were pretty bonbons. Your decorating skills are amazing. They look delicious too.This recipe is definitely going into my recipe book.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Alias Mother… YES! These could make up for any number of sins. Not that bringing your child along is a “sin” or anything, but… you know what I mean. Right?

  12. Mrs. Wacky says:

    Haha, I loved the “cool wife and all” line… golden ;)(Last Valentines, I sent 100 cupcakes to work with Hubby… I got the cool wife that year… this year, I'm not so idiotic…err, overambitious) heheI love your blog, you have a great writing style. Thanks for visiting mine, I appreciate it!

  13. Doreen Teoh says:

    Yummy looking truffles like! Who are they for? I used Nutella on mine, nutty flavor. Not so sweet either. Happy V-day!

  14. amhealy says:

    I think it's so cute that you do this kind of stuff. It will be really sad when the world ends and we can only talk about what we used to do, like make cake balls on Valentine's Day. Sniff.

  15. Phoo-D says:

    These are so cute! Perfect for Valentine's Day. I'll have to file this away for next year.Phoo-D

  16. Anonymous says:

    I've been searching the web for cake ball decorating ideas and yours are hands down the most fabulous. Better than the professionals. I'm going to try them but I need some advise. What exactly did you dip them in (cover them with)? I love the pink ones 😉 Thanks!

  17. Stephanie says:

    Anonymous, if mine are the best you've found, then surely you haven't discovered Bakerella. Go check her out. She's amazing.I dipped my cake balls in melted almond bark (vanilla and chocolate). Several people have mentioned you can find this in your grocery store, but I can't find any in mine. I have to go to a craft store. I added a little shortening (a teaspoon or two) while I was melting the chocolate to give it a smoother consistency. I used liquid food coloring to dye the white almond bark, but I don't recommend this. A drop is fine, but if you use any more, it causes the chocolate to clump. If you can, use food coloring gel or powder. I've heard these work the best.If you have any other questions, let me know. Good luck!

  18. Lauren says:

    Ok… question: I know you said that you use chocolate bark. What's the difference between melting chocolate and bark? I made pops last week with melting chocolate and it worked fine, but the chocolate was a little too thick. today I tried to thin it down with a drop of vegetable oil but they didn't seem to want to dry. I love yours! They looks so neat.

  19. brockoregon says:

    These are gorgeous! How did you mix the frosting in with the cake? Did you use the food processor for this as well?

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