Admit it. This lamp makes you sick, too.

(Not really, but I’d like to.)

(Just sayin’.)

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13 Responses to Admit it. This lamp makes you sick, too.

  1. Teeter says:

    You could look in Utah!

  2. MichelleSG says:

    Get the hell out of So Cal…Just sayin'

  3. Violet says:

    oh yeah, SoCal…now it all makes sense!(The fixture is Hid. E. Us. but actually the wall color bothers me more…yeuch.)

  4. Marchelle says:

    I'm not so much bothered by the urine like wall color or the poop shaped light fixture as I am the bead of caulk (?) running down the corner of the wall.. Are we in the shower? Are the homeowners obsessed with bathrooms by chance?

  5. Gayle says:

    That looks like it belongs in a house where the appliances are 1970's avocado green. I think it's so funny that you took a photo of the light fixture! Did the realtor think you liked it?!

  6. Alias Mother says:

    Okay, don't throw stuff at me but… I kind of like the light fixture. I think it could work, in a quirky kind of way, as a little corner light over a funky chair. But not in that house. And definitely not with those walls. And super-definitely NOT with a blue rug.But then, I have lousy taste.

  7. Just keep looking. I always take photos of weird and crazy things when I look at houses.

  8. rory says:

    Looks a little tumorous to me. Don't touch it.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Oh man, you guys totally crack me up with your comments! I have to stop reading them at work or someone might catch on that I'm, ahem, not actually working. Gayle, I think she thought it was a little weird that I even had my camera, but I waited till she was in another room before taking any pictures. Alias Mother, it was more than a blue rug. It was like all the floors had erupted with mold. Everywhere. Who decorates like that? Who says, Hey! Great idea! Let's paint the walls yellow and install blue carpet! It's just weird.Although, The Husband did say that if the carpet was purple, it'd be perfect. Vikings colors. What a nerd.

  10. okiesister says:

    That lamp would look great with our vintage 70's orange sectional that we have at work.

  11. beyond says:

    bugs everywhere? eewww. the yellow walls (and blue carpet?!?) bug me more than the lamp. good luck with the hunting.

  12. Mrs. Wacky says:

    Man, I would like to think that I can make anything out of old junk… but that thing, just… stumps me! Blech!

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