To avoid any further confusion.

On Saturday night, someone complimented me on this here blog o’ mine. Well, sorta. It went somewhere along the lines of “I really like your blog. I’m not really sure what it’s about yet… but I really like it.” (Thanks, Mom.)

I didn’t think it was a big mystery. This is where I come to write about LIFE so that when I’m old and my tits are in my shoes* I’ll be able to look back and remember where the hell I spent my time.

I like having a place to express myself in a way that doesn’t come naturally in “real life.” See, what you get here? It’s the “real me.” I’m just not good at sharing the “real me” around “real people.” (And I feel the need to use unnecessary “quotation” marks throughout the rest of this “post.”)

I’m very reserved and quiet and, to be honest, nervous (until I get to know you). I’m fairly certain I suffer from some sort of social anxiety which I should probably be seeing some sort of therapist for, but I’m happy and since it doesn’t prevent me from leaving my house and doing things I love, I don’t feel a need to shell out the dough I should be saving for when I get laid off (knock on wood).

And speaking of things I love? I have discovered the most incredible passion for photography and baking within the last couple of years and that’s the direction this blog will take most of the time. So, if cookies and photographs (of just about anything that will hold still long enough) (and sometimes of things that won’t) isn’t your cup of tea? Then it may just be time to move along. Because life is too short to spend time doing reading things that you’re not totally into.

And because I’m paranoid of anybody thinking so (I admit it, I care what people think)… No, I am not trying to be her or her or any of the other fantastic people that happen to be doing the same thing. I’m just doing what I want and sharing the outcome and if someone happens to get any sort of enjoyment from it, awesome. And if not? Well, there are plenty of other fish blogs in the sea WWW.

And by the way? I like to use the F word from time to time. Just thought I should throw that out there now while I’m telling the truth.

*Eight million dollars to the first person to name that television show. (But not really on the “eight million dollars” part.)

Edited to add: For those still wondering, the quote came from an episode of Sex and the City, in which Samantha declares that she’s having nude photos taken of herself so that when “she’s old and her tits are in her shoes,” she can look at the pictures and remember how hot she was.

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14 Responses to To avoid any further confusion.

  1. MichelleSG says:

    Our blogs are supposed to about something? Shit. Oh sorry I mean fuck…

  2. Greetings. Found you through the whole Lemonade Award thing-a-ma-jig. i gave one to Violet etc…Beautiful pics. Not to worry I don't know what the hell my blog is all about either. But I don know my tits are moving at an alarming rate towards my shoes…

  3. Gayle says:

    Okay, this a real problem if our blogs are supposed to be about something.Are your serious that you are reserved and quiet in real life?! I would not have thought that!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Michelle, according to my mother, it is. (Hi, mom!) That's why this one's about my life. “Life” seems to cover all sorts of topics. Merrily, thank you for stopping by and for the compliment and, most of all, for the laugh. Gravity's a bitch.Gayle, yes, I'm serious. I am incredibly shy and reserved… that is, until I get to know you. Then I'm loud. And you'll have to constantly tell me to stop yelling. And then I'll get all sensitive because I'm not yelling, I'm just “speaking loudly.” Trust me. My husband and I go through this all the time.

  5. okiesister says:

    Listen, I totally relate to what you are saying. Sometimes I feel like a social misfit out in public. I think it takes a lot of courage to express yourself and post it for the world to see. Don't let it get to you if somebody doesn't get it. Other will, I assure you.So, show us your cookies, sista!

  6. I have no idea why I blog and why I actually enjoy it. I tried countless times to start a diary to no avail. And why do people even visit mine and read it? Who knows, but your blog is funny, carefree and your recipes just suck. Darn you. Quit with the yummy recipes and delicious pictures of them!!LOL!

  7. Stephanie says:

    okiesister, it's good to know I'm not alone! 😉DVM's Wife, do you know how many diaries I have stored away that are empty except for the first 10-15 pages? Diaries could never hold my attention, probably because no one was reading them. More cookies are on the way! (Whether you like it or not.)

  8. Violet says:

    Just fyi, I am going to spend the whole night trying to figure out where the 'tits in my shoes' quote came from, damn you (google wasn't helpful). It has that Designing Women sort of flare but that was on network tv and you know they weren't allowed to say tit!I spent about *that* long worrying about the fact that my blog doesn't have a focus. Well, neither do I, really, so tough shit. If people want a focus, they should visit a Ford dealership.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Haha, Violet! Well said!

  10. Kisa says:

    Blogging is a great way to preserve a part of your life for later. I started my first blog ever a month before my eldest daughter got really, really sick, and her illness took over the blog, but I'm so glad I have that record of that time. I posted every day, long posts about how it was going, and I'll always be able to look back and read that, instead of forgetting over time how it was. (Though I bet that can work the other way, too. “Oh, no, I actually wrote about THAT?!?” 🙂 )

  11. Amen sister! Post your little heart out. If you like cookies and pictures, I think that's great. It beats the hell out of most of the crap on the internet.Tits in my shoes? Sounds like something from YaYa Sisterhood. But Dolly Parton is known to say things like that too. I give up.

  12. lifesignatures says:

    Please don't use the f-word. You're food is too good for that…

  13. Teeter says:

    I am going to guess In Her Shoes. And: Why are you listening to Mom? (Hi Mom!)

  14. amhealy says:

    Okay, I have to butt in here. I didn't mean that it had to be about something. I was just trying to figure out if it had a theme, and if so, what was the theme. If it's just a blog about your life, I'm glad you're writing it because you never call me, you never say hello, you never answer the phone, so at least I can get a little piece of you from somewhere. :)Just kidding.

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