My life is full of randomness and so my blog should be. Or something.

For those of you unfamiliar, that’s my sister, J. She’s a turkey. I’m sure she’ll hate me for eight years (or until she wants me to take her driving again) when she realizes I posted that photo of her, but I don’t care. I like it. She’s not posing, she’s not acting coy. Maybe ’cause she didn’t realize I was going to snap another photo. She’s just herself. A turkey.

And yes, I let my sister drive my car. Far, far away from people, children, animals, and police officers. She’s fourteen and it keeps me in her good graces. That’s right, I said it. I’m not afraid to admit I buy my sister’s love.

DSC_0019 - e

These are our “kids.” Luke, on the left, drinks toilet water. And he’s the cutest cat to ever walk the earth. You can take my word on that. Now, there’s quite a debate going on in our house. See, we came by our two kids sort of by accident. Well, Luke was by choice (I wanted a kitten), but Mercedes we took in when her owners were relocated to Hawaii (what a bummer). She was just over a year old. The Husband says they’ve come to think of each other as brother and sister. I say they’re in love. I want everyone to be in love.

But then, I’m a hopelessly retarded romantic. What do you think?

J and I made these cookies over the weekend. The Husband, not a fan of the Double Lemon Delights (which is fine, ’cause more for me), insisted that I make something with chocolate and peanut butter (his favorite sweet combo). So, I did. And he ate twenty-three of them in one sitting. And then showed off his food baby. And I really hate it when people use the phrase “food baby.” And.

I will share this recipe as soon as I can. Because it’s delicious and you shouldn’t deprive yourself.

Thank you. The end.

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10 Responses to My life is full of randomness and so my blog should be. Or something.

  1. Dot O says:

    I'm a peanut butter/chocolate combo addict too! When I type allergy reports and the docs are giving the kids peanut challenge tests, lots of times they give them Reese's Cups and I sit, type and drool simultaneously!!I have been known to take my Hershey bar and drag it through the Skippy jar – my own version of a Reese's Cup. Love the kitty pic! They do look in love and I think that is so cool.

  2. so NOT cool says:

    The title of this post could be my motto, I think. I love it when kitties snuggle, like family … or, um, a cozy couple. Very cute.

  3. Alias Mother says:

    Now, see, this is what I call a cookie. None of that “fruit” crap confusing the situation.Our two dogs snuggle, but it is less out of love and more out of a need for warmth considering they barely tolerate each other. Of course, they are both female and we live in a state without gay marriage, so perhaps they are just afraid of getting busted by the conservatives.I should stop commenting. Your comment section brings out my weird side.

  4. Love that photo of your little sis!!! My daughter is almost 14 and I was just thinking that she needs to be learning to drive (I learned at 12). Can I send her over?

  5. Your sis is beautiful, she should count her self lucky to have that type of picture posted (if she were my sister I'd post the one of her with her fingers up her nose pulling a horrid face!) Count yourself lucky J!!I'm also waiting patiently on that cookie recipes… the pictures made my mouth water.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Okay, I've heard people say that their comments are the best part of their blog and now I totally get it. You guys make my day! And now I'm going to cry, but only for a minute, 'cause dang am I hormonal today. Dot, you just described my idea of a good time!Pearls and Chocolate, go ahead and send her over! I mean, I'll probably get my driver's license revoked, but hey, that'll give me something to write about!I promise I'll get that cookie recipe up tonight!

  7. amhealy says:

    I think you're little sister is beautiful. Her mother must be gorgeous.

  8. Gayle says:

    Great pic of your sister. Isn't it great when you catch someone not posing!I think the cats look a little too cozy to be thinking of each other as brother and sister!

  9. Stephanie says:

    Gayle, please don't tell me you're taking my husband's side!

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