Internet, I’m overwhelmed today.

So, I decided to take a break, let the paperwork continue to pile up (it will regardless), and visit you!

Did you know today is the last day of the fiscal year? And did you know that I have no stinkin’ idea what “fiscal year” means? I’m sure someone explained it to me once, possibly twice, but since it’s not relevant to chocolate, cookies, photography, etc… well, I just don’t care. All I know is I have to have all these invoices paid by the end of the day or it’s my ass. Or something like that.

Below is a photo I took several days ago. I had to act fast before I lost my chance. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how fast you grab your camera. If you use the wrong settings, you’ll still miss your chance. And that’s what happened here.

Personally, I look at this and think how can anyone not know what’s going on in this picture??? Yes, it’s terribly blurry because I had my camera set on a fifteen second shutter speed, but seriously, it’s not that difficult. Is it?

Then I showed it to my sister and she looked very puzzled and made me explain it to her.

So, Internet, can you see what’s going on in this photo?

The first person to call it correctly gets one billion dollars hugs and kisses from yours truly! Or, at the very least, I suppose we can bump knuckles. Whichever. I have plenty of hand sanitizer!

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10 Responses to Internet, I’m overwhelmed today.

  1. MichelleSG says:

    Looks like a cat drinking out of the sink. Or maybe a toilet, I can't tell. How close was I?

  2. Gayle says:

    I'm with MichelleSG. It looks like a cat drinking out of a sink. I don't think it's a toilet; it looks like the toilet is on the left side of the photo!

  3. so NOT cool says:

    I was going to guess 'naughty cat drinking out of toilet'.

  4. Kitty cat cocktail a' la toilet bowl. We have three of those pesky things, I mean cats. My husband says they're cleaning “the bowl”. Glad I'm not the only who takes shots like that! 😉

  5. Ok we can see it's a kitty… but i'm going to to say turning ON the water to drink out of the sink? I'll just *bump knuckles* when you're ready 🙂

  6. Lisa says:

    I don't know… looks like the kitty is on the side of the bathtub. Maybe stalking the rubber duckies floating in there?

  7. Stephanie says:

    Okay, okay, you guys are pretty good!It's a bad kitty drinking out of the toilet bowl. This is the first time I'm ever seen him do it and I swear I thought he'd fall in. This is the same kitty who I found sleeping curled up in the bathroom sink. He also sleeps on the bathroom mat while I'm getting ready for work.What can I say? Apparently, he likes the bathroom. He's odd.

  8. rory says:

    Wait! Wait! Let me guess!It's a bad kitty drinking out of the toilet bowl, right?Do I win valuable prizes?

  9. I had a cat who used to sleep in my sink too! He also liked to be spanked and picked up by his tail… please don't ask how we found those out.

  10. Jen says:

    Totally didn't see the cat. Until I read the comments, I thought it was a woman just stepping out of the shower, leaning forward with long wet hair.

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