It pains me to do this.

I love comments. (Who doesn’t?)

When I jumped aboard this train to Crazy Town started this blog, I began using Haloscan to host my comments. I liked them better than Blogger. (Please don’t tell Blogger.) (Blogger, in case you’re reading, I love you!)

And Haloscan did right by me. Haloscan and I were homies. BFFs, if you will. Brothers from another mother.

Okay, I apologize. It’s late and I’m tired and have worries of cake on the brain.

Recently, Haloscan was bought out or killed off (I’m not really sure which) by another company. What I do know? This new server, some new guy by the name of JS-Kit (whoever he is, she said with disgust), has taken over and, well, it has to be said. He sucks. I don’t like him. He and I? Nowhere near homies.

I’ve tried to adjust, but finally, on this cold and lonely night (morning?), I’ve decided I can stand no more.

I’ve switched back to good ol’ trustworthy Blogger.

What this means, though… what has me in tears… all my old comments? No longer visible.

Sure, I can log into stupid JS-Kiss-my-ass and read them, play with them, roll around on the floor with them, but it’s not the same. I miss my comments. I want to cry.

I’ll go to bed with a bowl of ice cream instead, but please know this:

I love you and your comments.

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6 Responses to It pains me to do this.

  1. For Myself says:

    FIRST!! And first on the first, too! Yay!! Love your blog!

  2. Gayle says:

    Oh, I'm glad you switched! I wasn't able to comment the last time I visited. With Blogger comments, I can! Don't worry, you'll build up a whole new bunch of comments to roll around with!

  3. carsick says:

    Hi, thanks for stopping by. I love your blog! What a great name!

  4. Stephanie says:

    For Myself, thank you!Gayle, I'm glad you're able to comment now. The more comments the merrier! (Or… something like that!) Carsick, thank you two times. I'm glad you stopped by!

  5. Slug-A-Bed says:

    Thanks for stopping at my blog. You have a very nice place here. How did the cake thing go? I tried PW's cake, it is very good.

  6. Awwww, sometimes … change sucks. Not always, but this time, for you, yeah. Hmph. *shakes fist at what-was-once Haloscan*

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