Football, week 3

Well, it’s Sunday. Again. And you know what that means. We’re watching football. Again.

I’m trying something new this week. I picked four teams I like and bet on them to win. I have no idea who they’re playing, where they’re playing. I just want them to win. Darn it.

My money’s on the Colts (come on, Peyton, get your shit together), the Vikings (the Husband hates this pick, but I think this is their week… it has to be!), the Cowboys (’cause Tony is just so darn cute), and the Patriots (because as much as I love love love Tom Brady, I think they just might have something this year without him… and that’s the last time I’ll think about the Patriots without Tom Brady).

Now, if I win (and, in order to win, all four teams have to) I’ll get $35.00 back on a $10 bet. At least I’ll make back the money I lost over the last two weeks. Stupid Bengals.

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