Chocolate (and Peanut Butter) Chip Cookies

Is there anything more promising than cookie dough? It’s a beautiful thing, I tell you.

When I mentioned I wanted to bake cookies (I’ve had the baking bug lately), the Husband requested chocolate chip with the addition of peanut butter chips. (He’s very complex.)

So, that’s what I did. (I’m very accommodating.)

I’d love to say this is an old, secret family recipe, but it’s not. My family just isn’t like that. I used this recipe and, personally, I think it’s fantastic.

Besides the taste, I love that they keep their shape. They come out of the oven all thick and hearty. And I’m sure there’s a better word than “hearty” to describe these, but I can’t think of one. (Of course, the first thing out of the Jerk’s Husband’s mouth was, “Why are they so big?” What a turd.)

The other thing I love about these cookies: they won’t dry out.

See, I love to bake, but I don’t want what I bake sitting in the house for days afterwards. My hips (and thighs and other various body parts) just don’t appreciate it. Instead I prefer to send it all off to the office with the Husband. With a past recipe I used, the cookies would dry out within twenty-four hours and I didn’t want to share them with anyone. I have more pride than that.

But I don’t have to worry about that with these yummy little concoctions.


They're just so pretty.

If you’re looking for a good chocolate chip cookie recipe, try these. I promise, you won’t regret it. They’re delicious. I should know, I just ate three seven of them. Please don’t tell anyone.

Go here for the full recipe.

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5 Responses to Chocolate (and Peanut Butter) Chip Cookies

  1. Yello says:

    OMG! Thank you for this and my now ravenous appetite for cookies! =)

  2. so NOT cool says:

    Ummm, these sound much more tempting than the vegan version I'm trying tonight. I'm kind of scared.Jodi aka soNOTcool

  3. Stephanie says:

    Yello, I have a constant ravenous appetite for cookies, so you're certainly not alone.Jodi, good luck with the cookies! I'd be very interested to see how they turn out!

  4. Rachel says:

    oh good gracious… I will be trying these out next. I do love my tried-and-true recipe for ye olde classic CCCs, but these are a somewhat different animal and deserve to be tamed by my oven as well! đŸ˜€

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