Scanner Fun, Part II

She’s overbearing at times.

And she can be a tad argumentative.

Some may even call her a bit bossy.

She’s tough and demanding and just plain difficult at times.

But once, a very long time ago, she was young. (Sorry, mom!)

Mom in the 70s

My mother, the Attorney. In 1972. Isn’t she beautiful?

This has been one of my favorite pictures ever since she shared it with me years ago. I never told her I took it and every once in a while, she realizes I have it, yells at me a little, and forgets again. I don’t think I’ll ever give it back.

Do you think she was loud, argumentative, and bossy in the 70’s? Probably.

These days she’s busy being the controversial Attorney we all know and love. Or she’s busy with her husband, cuddling on the couch, watching movies, and taking mushy pictures like this one:

Mom and Tom

Yucgh! (That’s my gross sound, by the way.) Aren’t they disgustingly cute?

I suppose even a mom is allowed a little happiness. But just a little mind you. Then she’s gotta get back to work.

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5 Responses to Scanner Fun, Part II

  1. The Attorney says:

    I object to all your descriptions of me. I am especially NOT argumentative. I always forget that you stole that picture. Actually, I always forget that the picture was taken, then I forget who took it. Do you know that, for a minute, I had to stop and think who “OCD” was? I was thinking that it was T who took the picture, but then I got to the end and saw your name and remembered it was you. Behave yourself or I’ll post more controversial material on this blog spot.

  2. The Attorney says:

    And no more close-ups, damn it.

  3. OCD says:

    You’re the meanest mother in the whole wide world.

  4. The Attorney says:

    “I’m the meanest mommy in the whole wide world!I’m the meanest mommy in the whole wide world!I’m the meanest mommy in the whole wide world!”

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