We have pictures!

And just look at us… aren’t we cute?

That there on top is Teeter. Or just T, if you prefer. The eldest child. A mother of five. A student. She’s amazing. And never jumps to conclusions.

The next one down is your truly. The middle child. A mother to none. Sorry mom!

Next is the middle school student. The one yet to post anything. I’m really not sure she ever will, actually. But she’s awesome. A soccer player. Obsessed with books, Kingdom Hearts, and a boy named (name deleted after threats were issued). And she’ll kill me if/when she ever reads this.

And last but not least, the Attorney. The reason for all our therapy sessions. The creator of this mess. The one we can thank for all our disorders. Oh, mom, what would we do without you? Who would we be without you? Probably a lot less entertaining anyway.

So, there we are. I promise if you decide to stick around and get to know us, we’ll get better and better. Or not. What have you got to lose?

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