I am a Supportive Wife

Which also means I’m a Vikings fan.

Last night was our hotel’s annual holiday party. I, unfortunately, couldn’t be there.

No, I was at the bar, cheering on my husband and his team, the Minnesota Vikings. Because I’m a supportive wife.

Co-workers would ask me, why aren’t you going to the party?

And I would reply, because the Vikings are playing tonight.

And looks of pity would follow as it became apparent that I come second to a football team.

But that’s okay. Because I’m a supportive wife.

We were married on a Sunday. In November.

And if you know anything about football, you can understand the enormity of the situation.

I told Hubs to go! The Vikings were in San Diego for a ten o’clock game. He could have flown back for the wedding. It was only an hour flight!

And maybe he chose not to go out of fear for some unforeseen problem, but I still encouraged him. Because I am a supportive wife.

Thank goodness the Vikings won last night. It’s much easier to be a supportive wife when his team is winning.

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2 Responses to I am a Supportive Wife

  1. Teeter says:

    I am sooo glad that my hubby is not into sports like that. Whew!

  2. "Hubs" says:

    This is why I love you!!!

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