Great Meeting

So, today I officially signed up for the Monthly Pass at my Weight Watchers meeting. This means unlimited meetings every month plus eTools.

It also means I had to weigh in for the first time. 152.8 ain’t bad, I s’pose. When I got home, I immediately stepped on my own scale to see what the difference might be and… there was no difference at all. Exactly 152.8!

Then I peed, got naked and weighed myself again and I was right back down to 149.6, which is what I weighed in at on Saturday.

I’m sure you’re wondering what all this means and I can honestly say it means nothing. I’m just happy that I haven’t been fooling myself with an off scale all this time.

The meeting was really great this week. There were a lot more people there, which kind of surprised me because there was maybe half last week, but I suppose that makes sense considering last Thursday was the day after the 4th.

Last week’s leader was a stand-in for Debbie, who we met today. She was really great and led the meeting so smoothly. I can’t wait to go again, although as much as I like going with a friend, I might want to find a meeting closer to home soon.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m just excited to be attending these meetings. They’re such a great inspiration.

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