Well, I finally got in some exercise! Granted, it was just a walk, but that’s something, right?

It felt good and I’d love to make it a routine. Even Hubs said he’d join me whenever I want. He better.

I used to walk to and from work four days a week before I turned 18. Then I got a car, stopped walking and gained all my weight.

Not that that was my only problem. I’m sure eating everything in sight didn’t help.

It’s good to finally be doing something about it.

My next WW meeting is on Thursday. I’m very excited to be going back. I only wish the meeting topics changed more frequently. I would love to go more often.

This will be the first time weighing myself at a meeting. I didn’t technically sign up last week, but acted as a “guest” to see how I liked it.

It will be interesting to see how their scale differs from mine. When I went to my last doctor’s appointment, their scale was off by five pounds.

I suppose I can live with that.

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