Great Weekend!

This past Saturday was special for several reasons.

ONE, I hit my 10% goal!! I have lost a total of 18.2 pounds and it feels amazing! I haven’t been at this weight in a loooong time.

TWO, it marked the start of my fifth month on Weight Watchers. This is the longest I’ve stayed on program. It really makes me believe that I can do this and I actually have made it a lifestyle.

THREE, it was the first weekend I completely kept my control! Finally! And it wasn’t easy.

Friday saw the husband and I at Disneyland. Our annual passes are expiring and we’re not renewing them right away. I love Disney and am very sad that Friday was our last chance to go. Even if it is only temporary. (Because we will be renewing our passes soon!)

I stayed on program through my 4-hour half day at work and made sure I ate before we went to the park. I know I didn’t stay within my points target, but I didn’t let that be an excuse for eating whatever I wanted… which has been my problem in the past.

I splurged on a 12 ounce strawberry margarita and a fresh, warm tortilla from the tortilla factory in California Adventure.

I also bought a chocolate s’more and a caramel-marshmallow stick from one of the shops on Main Street. I had to! It was my last chance to buy my two favorite chocolate treats! And these two are totally worth it!

I wasn’t planning on eating them that night, but decided to when I got home. I was hungry and they were just perfect. And, yes, I had gotten in all of my healthy guidelines that day!

On Saturday morning, I weighed myself. We were going out of town and I knew I wouldn’t be able to weigh myself on Sunday. And even after going to sleep with a belly full of yummy chocolate, I was delighted to see a loss of just under 2 pounds!

And, as excited as I was with my progress, I still didn’t allow myself to dive off the deep end.

We drove up to the mountains that morning to play in the snow. The weather was gorgeous and it really made me realize just how much I want to move to an area where we can enjoy all the seasons.

Here’s a picture of the lovely, if a little demented, snowman we created. It was so much fun!

We were very smart and packed a lunch so I stayed well on program while we were there.

After the snow, we drove to the desert. We spent the night in Palm Springs and I still kept my control. Actually, neither of us were hungry, but we went to the bar and had some drinks. I ordered this fun champagne tasting and got very warm and fuzzy off of several glasses. It was great.

Then we earned some activity points… if you know what I mean.

So, much like Friday, I didn’t stay within my points target, but I’m so proud of myself for being able to splurge without going overboard.

It was a great weekend and a very successful one. I am looking forward to many more weekends like this one!

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