Diet Soda Cake

The diet soda cake is awesome and so easy! Especially since I finally figured out how to make one single cupcake at a time.

(If I make 12 cupcakes, I’ll eat 12 cupcakes. That’s just the way it is.)
The recipe:
1 box cake mix
1 12 oz. can of diet soda
2 egg whites

Use diet coke or Pepsi for chocolate cake and 7up or Sprite for yellow cake. Mix and bake like you normally would.

To make just one cupcake, mix 1/4 c. cake mix to 1/8 c. diet soda.

When I first started making one at a time, I was having trouble with a very crumby cupcake. Normally, I’d add the egg whites if I was making a whole cake, but that didn’t quite work for a single cupcake.

I tried a couple different things. First I added a tsp. of eggbeaters. That didn’t work.

Then I tried a tsp. of oil. That worked better, but was really ultra moist. Too moist.

Last night I finally got it right.

I made two cupcakes but still only added the 1 tsp. of oil. I baked the cupcakes for a couple extra minutes and they came out perfect!

These are delicious!

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