Weekend Gone Wrong

I had a great week! Followed all of my goals to a T. (Except for this blog, that is.)

I exercised every morning and was feeling really good. I even started waking up before my alarm went off.

Then it was Friday.

And what was supposed to be a fun night out with some friends turned into a depressing night in which I just couldn’t help feeling like I didn’t fit in. And all I had to show for it was way more points than I should have consumed.

Friday night didn’t completely ruin my weekend, but the weekend didn’t exactly improve points-wise.

Saturday I had plans to meet with one of my best friends for lunch. Did not make a smart choice there.

And the evening ended with the hubby at Wienerschnitzel. (Gotta love those chili cheese fries.)

Then there’s today. I promised the husband I’d make cookies for one of his co-workers that helped us out and, well, ended up eating more than my fair share.

Tomorrow is a new day and I will be back on track. I don’t know if the gain this week was due to the new exercise routine (my muscles have been satisfyingly sore) or due to Friday night’s festivities. Either way, I want to see a loss this week.

My body is slowly becoming my new motivation. I love seeing and feeling the changes, especially in my waist. I desperately need new pants, but don’t want to buy any until I get closer to my goal.

And, damn it, I will get there.

Oh, and I made my own bran muffins! Why buy muffins that I only sorta like, when I could make my own and love them? I haven’t actually eaten one yet (they have to be refrigerated for 24 hours) but I am very excited. I really hope they come out great!

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One Response to Weekend Gone Wrong

  1. Spitfire says:

    Hubby got you to make cookies again?? Wow, that’s not really supportive of him! lol I’d tell him to make his own damn cookies or head to the store! You’re a good wife to do this for him, but that’s awful torture…..maybe…he’s just challenging you…..nah it’s just torture…

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