Middle of the Night

I can’t sleep.

I went to bed at eight with a migraine. The husband accidentally woke me up at eleven when he was getting into bed and I haven’t been able to fall asleep since.

Now I’m watching The Family Stone for the second time tonight.

And for some reason I think that anything I eat in the middle of the night doesn’t count.

I’m hungry and bored and about to reach for the M&Ms.

I’m frustrated with myself for not posting lately. One of my goals when I restarted this plan was to post everyday and I have been seriously lagging.

In my defense, the husband is always on the computer when I get home and by the time he’s done, I’m half asleep and start making excuses for why I should just do it tomorrow.

At least I have not been making excuses for other things.

I am still sticking to the Weight Watchers plan!

And, this morning, I finally went to work out for the first time in months.

When I started the new position at work, I asked for a 10 o’clock shift so that I wouldn’t have to wake up too early and I could exercise before work.

Yeah, that never happened.

Until today, that is.

I wanted to keep it light in hopes that I wouldn’t see a gain on the scale this week, but at least I’m finally doing something!

I was hoping I’d go work out again this morning (at a reasonable time, that is) except now I’ll probably be too tired to wake up any earlier than I absolutely have to.

I’ve decided that I’m not too fond of the Vitamuffins.

I suppose they’re okay, but not sure they’re worth the three points.

And they all taste like bran.

I guess I should have read more closely before ordering. (I seem to have that problem a lot.)

Even the chocolate muffins have an overwhelming taste of bran.

I might order again, but maybe just the chocolate VitaTops. I think they would be worth the one point.

I’m off to try and fall asleep.

And, yes, I have gone for the M&Ms.

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One Response to Middle of the Night

  1. Spitfire says:

    What about those all-bran bars, are they any good? Yeah I definitely hear ya about trying to workout before work (or school for me), but getting up even earlier it’s really hard. There’s a spin class that I love, but it’s only offered at 6am, and with having 4 night classes, and 1 9am class, it just doesn’t work…

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