Day 29

I’m working an evening shift today and since I probably won’t have a chance to post, I thought I’d do something a little different and just share today’s planned menu:


Smoothie with 3 oz. strawberries (.5), 3 oz. bananas (1), 1/2 C. Dole orange-peach-mango juice (1), Yoplait light blueberry yogurt (2), oil (1).


Sandwich with 2 slices Sara Lee 100% whole wheat bread (2.5), 1 slice Kraft 2% cheese (1), 6 slices Oscar Meyer roast beef (1), 1/2 tablespoon reduced fat mayo (.5).


Lean Cuisine Alfredo pasta with chicken and broccoli (5) with steamed veggies.


Yoplait light key lime pie (2)
Green Giant Garden Vegetable Medley (2) (Just found and very yummy!)
Pop Secret 94% fat free kettle corn snack-sized bag (2)


Water: 6 of 6
Fruit/Veggies: 5 of 5
Dairy: 2 of 2
Oils: 1 of 2 (I’m still working on two servings!)
Multivitamin: 1 of 1

I will be strong and am excited about getting back on track today, after two not-so-good days.

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