I screwed up today, but I swear it’s not my fault! (Yes it is.)

Yesterday a couple of my girlfriends and I made plans to go shopping and do lunch today. I said we should do Applebees (WW menu and all) and thought we were in agreement.

Apparently not.

When I met up with them, they had changed our plans and the restaurant we went to definitely does NOT have a WW menu.

I didn’t want their focus to be on me and my diet and I didn’t want to sit there not eating, so I caved and decided to just enjoy myself and not worry too much about it.

I mean, the great thing about WW is that if you have a bad day, you just move on and pick up where you left off and get right back on track.

Except my problem has always been this mind frame of once I eat something off plan, I might as well stay off plan all day.

And that’s exactly what I did.

And, in the spirit of complete honesty, I did not do well yesterday either. But, in my defense, yesterday was planned. It was the husband’s holiday party.

It’s just now I’m hating myself because it’s been two days in a row where I’ve done a very poor job of following the plan.

And this is another reason for why I want to eliminate the free day. If I don’t have a free day, then I won’t feel so bad when I have a special lunch with friends. And if I hadn’t done so bad yesterday, then today I might have gotten right back ON points after lunch, because I wouldn’t be thinking that I’ve done so much damage.

I think I’m rambling now.

Well, I’m glad I’ve posted this. Just acknowledging the fact that I “fell off the wagon” helps to motivate me to get back on points tomorrow.

I still really want to do this!

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