Happy December!

I mentioned before that I am going to phase out the “free day” and I meant it.

However, it’s not going to be as easy as I’d like to think.

Tomorrow I weigh-in. I’m desperately hoping for a loss. My problem, though, is that in the last couple of years, having been on and off WW, I feel almost programed to allow myself a free day as soon as I weigh in.

It’s like… I made it to weigh-in and I lost weight and I have a whole week before I have to do it again so today won’t kill me if I eat whatever I want!

And I justified it because I continued to see a loss each week.

With Christmas around the corner and the holiday parties piling up, I don’t want to start a snow ball effect. First a free day, then a holiday party (where I’m sure I’ll partake of some goodies), then I start thinking I might as well eat this or that and before I know it, the whole plan is in the garbage.

Besides, there’s a holiday party planned for every Sunday until Christmas so it’s not like I’ll be deprived, that’s for sure!

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