End of Day 1

The end of the day is nearing and I’ve reached my target of 22 points.

I feel good about today. I exercised in the morning and ate a very well balanced variety of foods throughout the day.

I’ve got a slight headache and, sadly, I think it’s do to the fact that I would normally have consumed ridiculous amounts of sugar by now.

Here are a couple of the things I’ve eaten today, to give an example of how points accumulate.

My favorite smoothie:

1 cup Yoplait light strawberry yogurt – 2 points
1/2 cup Dole orange-peach-mango juice – 1 point
5 oz. frozen unsweetened strawberries – .5 points
3 oz. frozen bananas – 1 point

Total: 4.5 points

This is something I will usually have for breakfast. I love these smoothies. I always drink them too fast, though, and am freezing by the time I’m done.

Roast Beef Sandwich:

2 slices Sara Lee whole wheat bread – 1 point
1/2 tbsp. reduced fat mayo – less than .5 points
Mustard – 0 points
6 slices Oscar Meyer roast beef – 1 point
1 slice Kraft 2% cheese – 1 point
1 oz. avocado – 1 point

Total: 4.5 points

My Fuji apples are 1 point. Individual bags of Smart Pop kettle corn are 2 points. Yoplait light yogurt is 2 points for any flavor. 1 cup of fat free milk is 2 points.

So, overall I feel good. I’m happy with the decision to finally get back on track. I suppose tomorrow will be the real test since there is always candy and junk food around the office.

Oh, and the holidays are coming up. But that’s going to be a whole other struggle.

I… must… be… strong…

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